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Taking care of your four-footed friend

8.09.2009, 15:39
Once in your early childhood, have you been dreaming about a pet, but your parents refused categorically? Or you grew up in a family where the animals have always been loyal friends? Then we can understand your decision to buy a four-legged pet, which is always desired by children.

Keep in mind that the appearance of a new "family member" rise new issues concerning his maintenance.

The veterinarians advice to grant a convenient place for the pet. Sometimes the dog or the cat chooses the place by itself: safe, with a good view all around. Usually, the animal chooses as a place to sleep, a corner without a draft and with a good view of the door in the room or apartment. The second criteria of selecting the site can be explained by the fact that the door for a pet is a constant source of danger.

The normal wish of the master to have a comfortable and convenient life is often messed up by the pet’s desire to be always near. From the animal’s perspective everything is all right: if the owner is nearby, you can relax and rest from the heavy guard work – that is why the four-legged friend finds the master’s bed, the best place for "night". Note that the experts advise not to sleep with the animals.

The dog or the cat can be trained to a designated place for sleep - just be patient. To do this, say to your favorite friend, that in another place it will be much more comfortable – use a calm, but in the same time, firm tone. When choosing a place for the animal, do not forget about his necessities, such as the lack of drafts and visibility. Do not allocate to your pet a place next to batteries or vibrating appliances.

Being engaged in furnishing your bedroom, remember that pets often sleep in the same room with the master - and so, a dog or cat's bed should be in the same style as the rest of the bedroom furniture. For example, in a white bedroom interior with carved furniture in the Louis style, a luxurious bed of gilded bronze would be entirely appropriate and even will decorate the room. If the bedroom has a forged bed with intricate designs on the back, then the bed of your pet should be no less luxurious - you can even decorate it with a crown or monograms. But the most universal solution, suitable for almost all styles will be the diverse in techniques and materials "basket". The rattan color and mattress should be combined with the color of the floor, carpets, furniture, bedspreads and curtains. Please note that the cover on the mattress should be made of natural fabrics: linen, cotton, wool. It is obligatory that the cover should be removable and easy washable.

And another important detail - the bowl. Usually pet’s bowl is placed in the kitchen, in easy cleanable surroundings, were it does not hinder the movement around it. The color of the bowls can be very different - the main thing is that they should be stable and easily washed. We advise to allocate a special box for dog or cat items of personal hygiene.

Even in a small apartment you can always find a place acceptable for the animal and owner. Despite the troubles, to keep a pet is not so difficult. It is only necessary to remember that they always need attention. We assure you that the pleasure that will bring you a four-legged pet, worth the difficulties associated with their maintenance.

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Taking care of your four-footed friend
Taking care of your four-footed friend
Once in your early childhood, have you been dreaming about a pet, but your parents refused categorically? Or you grew up in a family where the animals have always been loyal...

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