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Secrets of the perfect breakfast

10.09.2010, 15:07
Do you remember the famous words that the breakfast must be eaten by you, the lunch must be shared with a friend, and the dinner must be left to the enemy? Even if we taught that from childhood, now we run away to work, drank only a small cup of coffee, but in the evening after a hard day we usually eat a lot. It's time to give up the bad regime and to discover the secrets of correct alimentation.

The First Secret: the proportion

Breakfast should be about 25-30% of all the food that you eat for a day. Usually, the most active time is foreseen just for the first half of the day, and therefore, you must recharge with energy. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should have for the breakfast caloric chocolate bars or a greasy burger. The proportions should be respected not only according to the daily ration, but also in relation with the diversity. It will be better if the breakfast contains a half of all the vitamins needed daily, one-third of minerals, one third of the daily protein requirement, two-thirds of carbohydrates and only one-fifth of fats.

The Second Secret: the porridge
Porridge for breakfast is rather an association with childhood, but it deserves to be transferred into adult life. The porridge saturates sufficiently the body and at the same time doesn’t threaten the excess weight. The rice porridge cleans the body from toxins and nourishes it with vitamins. The buckwheat is an excellent source of iron and has the property to eliminate the cholesterol excess. The wheat porridge is able to normalize the pressure and provide the body with essential amino acids. And, of course, apart from the competition is the famous English breakfast - oatmeal. A huge number of nutrients (magnesium, potassium, iodine, chromium, phosphorus, iron, and fluoride), vitamins (B, C, and PP), minerals, amino acids make the oatmeal an indispensable component of the perfect breakfast.

The Third Secret: the milk
Drink milk, children
and you will be healthy! Let’s clarify from the beginning that we are talking not only about milk but about all dairy low-fat products. They saturate the body with calcium, vitamins and proteins; they improve digestion and stimulate the metabolism - in general they are doing everything necessary to a human body in the morning. Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese - in this diversity there is something suitable for even the most exigent preferences. Also it’s important to mention that the product should have a high quality, should be natural, and not the result of chemical experiments. To cottage cheese or yogurt can also be add fresh or dried fruits.

The Fourth Secret: the restrictions
Some people think that it is better to eat at least something for breakfast than anything. This is a serious mistake. The first thing that should be excluded is sweets in the form of cakes, pies, muffins, but if you want to eat something sweet, it is better to eat honey or to drink sweet tea. That approach has a reasonable explanation: the sudden influx of carbohydrates will provoke sugar decrease in blood after a few hours, just in the middle of the working day. The next thing that should be excluded is the products containing a large amount of fat and salt, it is best to renounce the fried and smoked meals.

The Fifth Secret: the results
Let’s assume that this secret is a trump card in the hands of supporters of the breakfast. First, a balanced nutritious breakfast promotes weight loss, and those who do not eat breakfast, during a year can earn from 4 to 7 kg overweight. Secondly, the British researchers have found that breakfast lovers can obtain a good immunity, what can’t be attributed to those who don’t like the morning feasts. The probability of catching a cold of a person who never has breakfast is with 97% higher than those who take the breakfast regularly. And, thirdly, the children who had been taught by parents to eat every morning, have a good memory, better learning performance and high levels of mental abilities.

We hope these arguments will convince you! Of course it doesn’t worth waking up tomorrow to eat everything that’s planned in the menu, if until now you never eat in the morning. Begin with small meals: juice, apple, egg, and you won’t notice when the breakfast will become a natural, integral and useful part of your life.

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Secrets of the perfect breakfast
Secrets of the perfect breakfast
Do you remember the famous words that the breakfast must be eaten by you, the lunch must be shared with a friend, and the dinner must be left to the enemy? Even if we taught that...

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