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Rent Apartments in Chisinau - Company "Adresa"

10.11.2010, 11:15 | ADRESA - Rent Apartments
More and more people, who travel the world, tend to choose not hotels, but apartments of hotel type. Of course, everyone has his own claims and demands about temporary housing. Some people prefer academic quality hotels, with their well-established organization of time, but many prefer to rent an apartment.
You can rent a flat and live the way you think is right. There are no limits and time restrictions for visits, no fixed time for paid breakfast – everything is convenient to the client. Along with all of these advantages, as a rule, the rented apartment is always cheaper than a standard hotel room. And also the stranger feels almost like at home.

If you decided to rent an apartment in Chisinau, then the company "Adresa" offers at your disposal a wide range of apartments. Being founded among the first on the Moldovan market, the company successfully works with clients since 1988. Its office is conveniently located in the center of the city and when you will arrive in our capital, you will always be welcome in the company "Adresa" - for the convenience of our customers the office works non-stop. There is a developed infrastructure near the office: the shopping center Grand Hall, and Baby Hall, a supermarket Green Hills, booking offices, casinos, bars and restaurants Beer House, Cherry, Steake House, Kvartal, Veranda, agricultural market Uno.

The company "Adresa" has a team of well-proven professionals specialized in hotel services domain that will help customers to find the most convenient and viable option, based on their personal needs. If you are having difficulty in search, you can always contact the manager of the company by phone or through Internet to clarify the details.

Working more than 20 years, the company chose the most glamorous apartments in the city. You can choose an apartment for even the most refined taste. As a rule, all apartments are situated in the quiet regions of the center of the capital or in other sectors of the city, but also fully equipped with infrastructure. To customers are offered apartments from 35 to 125 square meters.
At the Apart-Hotel "Adresa" it is possible to rent a Deluxe apartment. It’s generally accepted that owners clean themselves the apartment, but the rented apartment will be cleaned by the company's employees. All apartments are connected to Wi-Fi, satellite television; apartments are equipped with alarms, so that each customer shouldn’t be worried about the safety of his propriety.

The regular cleaning, change of linen - all this will ensure an enjoyable time spending. Only our company can accommodate a group of up to 30 people in one house, each person in one apartment, in the same house in which is situated the office. Some apartments have their own parking.

Initially, the company abandoned the centralized breakfasts and lunches serving; this was done to ensure that each client sets its own time for the meal. At the request of the customer can be organized the transfer airport-apartment, apartment-airport.
Booking an apartment in Chisinau is possible in any convenient way for you in our office (located in the center of the city), by telephone, by email or accessing our site. Addressing to us only once, you will want to meet again in the office of the company "ADRESA"!

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Rent Apartments in Chisinau - Company
Rent Apartments in Chisinau - Company "Adresa"
More and more people, who travel the world, tend to choose not hotels, but apartments of hotel type. Of course, everyone has his own claims and demands about temporary housing....

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18.09.2010, 10:01
Author: Sofiya
снимала квартиру в адресе, чисто, аккуратно и очень приятно, все необходимое в квартире есть- даже утюг )))))
18.09.2010, 11:08
Author: Dr. Zoidberg
intr-adevar e mai comoda asemenea arendare - presupune o atmosfera mai familiala si mai multa libertate in actiuni :)
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