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Moldova (capital: Kishinev) is a republic situated in south-eastern Europe, between two countries: Romania and Ukraine.

The area of this small country is about 0.3 percent of the total area of the European space and is 33,843.5 km2. Moldova belongs to the former Soviet Union. Its independence was proclaimed on August 27, 1991; nowadays the Republic of Moldova is a member of UN, Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, CIS, OSCE, GUAM, BSEC.

While looking on the map, it can immediately be noticed that the outlines of Moldova is shaped like a bunch of grapes. Like the grapes, the Republic of Moldova and its people have a number of similar characteristics: softness - soft temperate continental climate, richness - the Southern temperament juicy and a variety of natural colors. The main part of the country covers an area between the rivers Dniester and Prut. Although Moldova does not have a coastline, it is situated in Black Sea basin. The Republic of Moldova is visited not by those, who like to spend their time at resorts, instead of this, tourists come here to enjoy beautiful scenery, amazing landscape and, of course, interesting places to visit.

The relief of the Republic of Moldova is a hilly plain, having a slope from northwest to southeast with an average height above sea of 147 m. The hydrological network includes more than 3000 large and small rivers, 10 of which exceed a length of 100 km. The particularities of geographic location, topography and climate conditions contribute to the beneficial diversity of flora and – there are more than 5,500 species of wild plants and more than 15,500 species of animals in this country. According to the climate zones, the territory of the Republic of Moldova includes three natural zones: forest, semi-steppe and steppe. Forests cover about 9% of the territory. Due to soil fertility and favorable climate, Moldova is an agrarian country.

Moldova is a multiethnic country. Its population consists of Moldovans (64%), Ukrainians (14%), Russian (13%) and other nationalities (Georgians, Bulgarians, Jews, Greeks, Turks, Roma). At the beginning of 2010, the total population is 3,563,700 people. Based on the fact that Moldova is inhabited by different nationalities, it is understandable that here people speak different languages; although according to Constitution, there is one official language - Moldovan. The Moldovan language is a dialect of Romanian language; it belongs to the Roman group of languages and it derived from Latin.

There are a lot of touristic objectives in Moldova, from them can be mentioned the monastic ensembles, which had preserved the traditions and cultural values during many centuries (Orheiul Vechi, Curci, Capriana, Japca), medieval fortresses (Soroka, Bender), nature reserves (Codri, Plaiul Fagului) and metropolitan cultural values. Another unmistakable pride of Moldova is viticulture and winemaking. Moldovan wines are known worldwide, so most visitors of the country hurry to taste this particular drink. Especially popular are Cricova Cellars - an underground city, with streets, avenues and boulevards, where is stored wine for every taste, including a million collection of vintage wines. Next, we will publish the summary information about Moldova.

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