Shopping mistakes made on sales
20.01.2011, 0:00
Usually twice a year large chain stores organize seasonal discounts, so-called “Sales”, that determine the store to obtain profits by acting as a way to get rid of the existing goods. And that way the shopaholics become puppets in the hands of the sellers.

During the sales, in the stores is happening something incredible - the crowd of crazed ladies are trying to sweep away from the shelves everything, more or less valuable products, and as a result they obtain a hole in the budget and a lot of unnecessary things. We will try to find out how to avoid these costs and not to make a mistake while buying products, following some special tips.

First, you must examine closely the goods of the store before the sales period begins. For example before the New Year, we usually inspect the shopping malls, buying gifts to friends and relatives. But maybe we should take a walk through some clothing stores? We must learn about everything that is for sale, and to plan to go there during the sale. As a result, we can find amazing things that we like and that is suitable in all aspects, except their price. But returning to the store a month later, we don’t find these things.

The chances to find such things on the final sale tend to zero, because there are hundreds of people who also has been to this store, and some of them, who had enough willpower to not save money and not to wait for sales. If you find something that you have dreamed of, it is necessary to fight your greed and to buy that thing.

The second mistake made by shopaholics is that there are some things that are fashionable to wear only this season and never after that. It is better to buy such things now, and to spend money on selling buying something more neutral and classic, otherwise you will look ridiculous the next season.

The third major mistake is that seeing a large container with the inscription "Everything for 99”, where nobody knows what are dumped, people usually hurry. Just think – do you really need another pair of cheap gloves, or another bag, which doesn’t suit with neither of your shoes, or a leatherette strap that will break on the third day? Even if we take into consideration the ridiculous price, buying these things when you don’t need them, mean only wasting your money. And do not follow the rule that if a thing is cheap, it can be bought without thinking first. You should at least try these things on. Remember that in the stores we do not spend money, but we buy clothes. And that means you need to make sure that the thing will be suitable according to all aspects, not just to gain bright cloths, which will hang in the closet only for weight. And if at home you will put on this cloth and will make sure that it doesn’t suit you - you won’t be able to return this thing back to the store, because things that are bought with a price reduction are not be accepted to be returned.

I hope the above tips will help you, dear shopaholics! Of course these advices will help you to save a lot of money and will not allow collect useless clothing in your wardrobe that you won’t wear. Good shopping!

Нужно ходить в магазин, когда вы знаете, что именно вам нужно, если же вы еще не определились....сходите для начала в магазин без денег, оценить вещь, просмотрите в других магазинах, за ночь успеете еще лучше подумать и Читать

Shopping mistakes made on sales
Usually twice a year large chain stores organize seasonal discounts, so-called Read

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