In August, watermelons and melons are the main dessert at any table. It’s sufficient to feel this attractive flavor, and it seems that you can eat it all by yourself, without leaving a piece! Read
Watermelon and melon - the main characters of August.
The favorite cold dessert of the summer.
9.07.2012, 15:32
What could be better than sweet, cold, flavored ice cream in the heat? Sundae or horn, roll, or a frozen cake, this favorite dessert of children and adults delights us in hot weather not for one millennium. The history of ice cream began in China aroundRead
How to bake the most delicious Easter cake.
11.04.2012, 17:39
Soon comes the most important holiday for Christians throughout the world - light of Christ Resurrection. The rigorous and continuous fasting is succeeded by a magnificent feast, at which the main products will be the blessed in the church Easter cake andRead
Honey - the healing properties of the magic taste.
17.08.2011, 12:15
Sweet, delicious, fragrant - it helps with colds and activates the life force, is indispensable in cooking and in cosmetics, in traditional and folk medicine, all of this description is only one product - honey. Honey – is a product resulting fromRead
Something about kvass – recipes
24.06.2011, 16:09
During the suffocating summer heat, kvass is in great demand. Near the hogsheads you can see crowds thirsting to gulp down a cold drink. And yet, besides the useful properties kvass bears harmfulness. Why is kvass useful At first, its composition includesRead
Pudding - quick and tasty.
16.02.2011, 11:58
If there is no time for culinary delights, and the stomach requires immediate replenishment, you can quickly cook a pudding. This dish does not require much time for preparation, its composition can be different, will be suitable all that you can find in theRead
Its Majesty - the CAKE. Best Recipes.
7.02.2011, 11:15
Obviously, the cake represents the culmination of any holiday table. The delicious, sweet, fragrant cake - what else could be the best completion of the feast? Today we offer you the recipes for home cooking the most delicious cakes. I shall warn that thereRead
Fish table. Excellent recipes from fish.
15.12.2010, 9:27
There were told a lot about the benefits of fish in our diet. Useful, low-caloric, easily digestible - the fish has long been a favorite meal of nutritionists and the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Without it, you can’t imagine a proper, balancedRead
How to grow pineapple at home: how to cultivate fruits on the windowsill
2.11.2010, 12:47
Pineapple: a tropical wonder fruit The seed-heads of this tropical fruit are the most valuable product. The pineapple is endowed by nature with biologically active substances which possess amazing medicinal properties. Above all, this miracle fruit is anRead
Moldavian cuisine: the development history and its particularities
11.10.2010, 11:11
A marvelous land Moldova is a mysterious and unusual country with rich natural possibilities, is a wonderful land of vine, a variety of vegetables and fruits. In addition, the aviculture and sheep breeding are also developed. Of course, the Moldovan cuisineRead
Chocolate: the miraculous properties and useful qualities
7.10.2010, 17:12
In recent years it became fashionable to praise the chocolate for its value for the human body. And this is understandable. Scientists are organizing more and more experiments using this popular product among all sweet-teeth around the world, make differentRead
Shrimp - sea delicacies
28.09.2010, 9:12
Shrimp are considered the finest type of dishes. In the restaurant or on the festive table the shrimp look elegant and highlight the special solemnity of the event. But we shouldn’t forget about this valuable seafood in everyday life and occasionally toRead
Secrets of the perfect breakfast
10.09.2010, 15:07
Do you remember the famous words that the breakfast must be eaten by you, the lunch must be shared with a friend, and the dinner must be left to the enemy? Even if we taught that from childhood, now we run away to work, drank only a small cup of coffee, butRead
The golden grain. The whole truth about the sprouted grains.
17.08.2010, 10:24
You probably have heard about the medicinal properties of sprouted grains; they are also called “living food”. In ancient times, the sprouted cereals were considered a panacea for all illnesses, while the current studies show that the regularRead
The fruit season - a pantry of health.
16.08.2010, 12:51
Continuing the conversation about fruits, it is impossible not to mention the grapes. These sweet, juicy berries can be quite different both in appearance and taste. Only in the CIS, there are about three thousand varieties of grapes and there are more thanRead
Watermelon and melon - the main characters of August.
12.08.2010, 14:12
In August, watermelons and melons are the main dessert at any table. It’s sufficient to feel this attractive flavor, and it seems that you can eat it all by yourself, without leaving a piece! By the way, the word "watermelon", translated fromRead
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Watermelon and melon - the main characters of August.
In August, watermelons and melons are the main dessert at any table. It’s Read
King of sauces - ketchup.
Everyone is familiarized with this rich sauce - ketchup. This "tomato Read

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