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Thailand Keeps an Eye on Japanese Products for Radiation

Thai Food and Drug Administration officers continue to check Japanese imported food for radiation on Wednesday. They have yet to announce an import ban amid fears over radioactive contamination after Japan found radioactivity in some vegetables.

Food samples will be sent to the Office of Atom for Peace to look for possible contamination.

[Dr. Pipat Yingseri, Sect’y General, Food & Drug Admin.]:
"If the situation continues like this we'll be doing scans more frequently on food products. We will keep surveillance like this for some time. And we will reconsider whether to intensify our scanning when there is an indication of danger."

Food and Drug Administration officers are now starting to check on products that have just arrived from Japan by ship since the radioactive leak.

[Dr. Pipat Yingseri, Sect’y General, Food & Drug Admin.]:
"At one point, if we see more radioactive contamination, we might use the last measure, that is the import ban."

Thailand is also communicating with other neighboring countries such as Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia to stay on top of the issue.

Thai authorities are now urging importers to avoid or reduce imports from Japan, including meat, dairy products, seafood and seaweed.
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