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Gaddafi Soldiers Given Fight or Die Ultimatum

Prisoners of war in Benghazi.

Rebels hold captured soldiers at a former military prison near Benghazi.

Some Gadaffi soldiers like Abul Majid Mohammed say they had to fight or die.

[Abul Majid Mohammed, Gadaffi Soldier]:
"If anybody refused to open fire they would kill them, or burn them alive and before our eyes they killed soldiers who refused to fight."

Hundreds of people have died in a campaign which pushed government troops to the outskirts of the rebel stronghold.

They retreated after allied forces started airstrikes last Saturday.

Another group of men at the facility are suspected mercenaries hired by Muammar Gaddafi to quell the protests.

Many say they are migrant workers, like Ala Hasan from Ghana.

[Ala Hasan from Ghana]:
"We don't know. They say we are soldiers. And we are not soldiers. We are working in company, are sleeping in company. Our bags, our everything is there. Now they brought us here."

Shortly afterwards a member of the staff confirmed that Hasan will likely be released soon.

Even after the coordinated airstikes against Gaddafi forces, the battle for control of Libya continues.
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