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Wall Street Remains Relatively Calm after Bin Laden's Death

For those who work on Wall Street's trading floors - reflection may be the word of the day - and tepid may be the best way to describe the market's initial response to the news of the death of Osama bin Laden.

And the muted reaction is not Wall Street's alone.

Major markets in Europe are up modestly as well.

Global investors are lacking a sense of jubilation, says Robert Halver, a trader at Germany's Deutsche Boerse.

[Robert Halver, Trader, Baader Bank]:

"Terrorism is a basic fact for analysis in the capital market, we cannot say the item is all over now after we killed Osama bin Laden, we still have to face that there is a massive danger even in the next couple of weeks, months, and years."

That realization may also be playing out in the oil pits at the New York Mercantile Exchange where an opening drop in prices was quickly erased, keeping oil around $114 a barrel.

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